The Return of Grunge in 2013

March 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

The Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris for their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection caused a bit of fashion industry controversy this week… One fashion editor actually said “I feel like he’s playing a huge joke on the entire fashion industry,”. While another, much more positively noted that “It’s haute couture made grunge, It’s very L.A.”

And so grunge is back, causing as much confusion amongst “non-believers” as it did in the 90s. Of course, back then it was about music and cultural change, now it’s mostly about the fashion, and yeah ok, maybe some cultural change? (better ask some teenagers..). Anyhow, take a look at the controversial collection and see what you think:


Saint Laurent - Runway RTW - Fall 2013 - Paris Fashion Week


It definitely harps back to the days of Nirvana, tartan shirts, Courntey Love, ripped fishnets, dr. Martins, and faded denim. If you didn’t like this trend the first time round, then shield your eyes, because things are going to be brought to a whole new level of extreme, as is always the case when things come back. And YSL are by no means the only ones going this way. Alternative house Dries Van Noten wowed in Paris with their grunge meets feathers line. Take a look at their twist on the classic:


And their men’s wear


Marc Jacobs released his For the Marc by Resort 2013 collection last year and the designer once again mixed a grunge influence in with his modern prints and accessories. Is this the more modern direction for grunge? Or is it too far from the original careless look to compete?




The model of the moment Cara Delevigne epitomises everything that this trend is going for. Rebellion from the norm. The anti-pretty, stunningly beautiful girls that want to act like boys, drink like boys, eat like boys and give you the finger, while still being loved and adored. Reminds us of EVERYONE in the 90s.


So what will we see worn by the coolest people in 2013? Well, for starters, dig out your oldest, dirtiest boots, all your ripped stockings and raid vintage shops for denim. Here’s a list:

  • Tartans – In red and black or red and white
  • Ripped  jeans
  • Rippedtockings but in a somehow very sexy way this time
  • Tank tops
  • Tattoos
  • Dr.Martins
  • Plaid shirts

But why listen to us when you could take a look at the experts:





Reality Bites.... now there's a 90s movie to get you up to speed.

Reality Bites…. now there’s a 90s movie to get you up to speed.

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